Hi there, my name is Rachel Moore and I founded Sweet Goose in 2019. The original SG brownie (mint) came from a recipe given to me by my grandmother over two decades ago. I began making the brownies for friends and family as gifts for special occasions and holidays. After years of it being suggested to me that I market and sell my goods, I was ready to give it a shot. It took hours upon hours of flavor testing and recipe tweaking, and constant support from those close to me. Eventually, Sweet Goose was born. 

Baking is personal for me; I have always shown affection for others by baking and cooking for them. Every single brownie sold is a part of who I am; a chocolatey, fudgy, decadent embrace from yours truly! I use high quality ingredients and bake in small batches to ensure you are receiving the freshest product available. When you order from Sweet Goose, you can rest assured that you are ordering a product made with fine ingredients and meticulous care. You are also supporting a small business owned and operated by a grateful military family.